Managed Firewall Service: More than Just Hardware

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We give you a fully-managed Firewall Service that works together with your connection. You get:

  • Setup and Installation.
  • Throughput/CPU speed monitoring.
  • DoS attacks.
  • NAT port forwarding.
  • Localized fast DNS.
  • Daily off-site remote configuration storage.
  • Free Hardware failure replacement.

Starting at $99/month for 5 to 25 meg/second connections

We back up this service with our usual outstanding support:

  • If the firewall breaks, we replace it at no cost to you.

  • You can also access the firewall to check settings or make changes.

  • You can submit a description of your needs to our staff, who make the changes.

  • Most importantly, if you experience a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, internal Worm or other disruption, our staff is there to help you. The firewall, together with our Internet connection, enables our staff to discover the cause of the incident. They can quickly help you restore productivity.

For example: In the event of a DoS Attack, our staff uses the firewall and our core routers to move the outside attack miles away from your office. If needed, we can also provide your office temporary or new IP address space so that your employees can keep working during the attack. Imagine the stress of discovering the cause on your own versus the relaxed feeling of knowing that experienced professionals will have a solution in place soon.