Fiber Internet Center, Your Multi-Office Solution

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Our branch office connections are secure and trusted for use in sensitive data industries such as medical, bio-tech and banking.

Fiber Internet Center can build and maintain a private network path for your company. Have all of your offices connected directly to a FIC Central office using our GigE Fiber Pipe.

Why Fiber Internet Center?

  • 18 + Yeas of service.
  • Flexible money-saving solution.
  • Get all your offices connected over one pipe.
  • Private Statewide Network.
  • Seamless communication between offices.
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring.
  • Secure Network with private VLAN tag.

Industry Fiber Solution

Secure & Flexible Fiber for Your Business

A private Virtual Local Area Network, VLAN is create between business offices. No Packets can leave this VLAN, nor can packets outside enter this VLAN. Because of this, packets can securely travel between offices over hundreds of miles apart. On fiber, packets travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). They can travel 400 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than a blink of an eye (10 ms).

With Our Fiber Network You Can

  • Securely reach your company mail server from your other offices at your main office.
  • Access the internet from a firewall in your main office from your ohter offices.
  • Have all of your offices connected while having them on a separate router port.
  • Effortlesly communicate between all of your offices (Clear connectons for video calls, VIOPs,ext.)

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