Fiber For Hotels

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We know guests can be very demanding. Over our more than 10 years of service to large hotels we've proven that we understand guest Internet needs. And now even smaller hotels can afford our special hotel connection.

Today's guests are tech-savvy and very demanding, and problems with your internet can mean the difference between a return visit or a bad review.

Today's guests also have many applications that use a high volume of bandwidth, and expect your network to support the same services and level of use that they are familiar with at home. Your guests become loyal repeat customers when their bandwidth hogging streaming applications like Netflix, Slingbox, video calls, and remote power points all work smoothly.

Meet the needs of your business customers by making your conference and meeting rooms a repeat destination with Fiber Internet Center. Our dependable fiber connection will have them returning over and over again.

The starter fiber internet service is just $995/month !

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This isn't "up to" DSL or Cable speeds. It's a dedicated fiber circuit to one of our data centers, with a standard speed of 2 meg/sec that during times of peak usage can grow to transmissions at 5 meg/sec and downloads of 10 megabits/second. Other service levels available include 10mb/s, 20mb/s, 50mb/s, 100mb/s, and all the way to a Gigabit. All are affordable and expandable solutions for your Hospitality Industry.

We know you have extra port needs. We turn on 4 extra ports, so that you can connect these to your conference rooms or admin office, helping to separate that traffic from the rest of the room traffic.

Thanks to our years of service with companies like Four Seasons and Cabana we know your industry needs. Call us today at 888-365-2656.