History of Fiber Internet Center

Fiber Internet Center was founded in 2001 by Bob Evans as a DBA with a focus on the needs of fiber optic services for startups and businesses. Shortly thereafter, Gus Sanchez , a Cisco sales pioneer, joined Bob. On November 22nd 2002, it became a member of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and began building a California focused backbone to provide Internet access operating under the International Autonomous System Number 26803.

On June 8th 2004, it filed with the State of California and became Fiber Internet Center, LLC. The headquarters is still based in Palo Alto, California at 2635 Park Blvd.

In California, all services are delivered via Fiber Optic. Most originate from Data Center facilities such as One Wilshire in Los Angeles, 55 South Market in San Jose , Palo Alto Internet Exchange, PAIX in Palo Alto and Equinix in San Jose. Services are primarily provided to businesses customers, however, several Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) projects, condo and apartment complexes have been installed and managed. Services have been expanded to include special hotel fiber internet services. Many Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) providers and ISPs leverage the infrastructure to deliver services to their own customers. Using it's telecom data center facilities, Fiber Internet Center also provides ISPs fiber connections to other backbone providers.

Unlike many ISP networks, Fiber internet Center's provides only fiber optic connections. It provides both Inter-Office building-to-building connections between cities as well as proactively managed Internet access connections through it's backbone.

In 2005 the network expanded a great deal with direct peering for one-hop router access to content providers and search engine companies. In addition it has created a very well multi-homed backbone for ip-transit. The facilities are located on the data center telecom carrier floors. This is where cross connection between carriers takes place. This makes Fiber Internet Center a unique Tier 2 provider.

Fiber Internet Center helped establish the Internet Peering Exchange called Any2 at Coresite facilities. Primary goal in peering was to establish route server peering abilities that enabled hundreds of networks to peer with each other using a single border Gateway Protocol, (BGP) peering session. Any2 grew rapidly with this expansion. Success occurred and hundreds of ISPs and enterprise businesses are interconnected this way. CoreSite now directly manages the route server peering.

On February 13, 2019, Evocative, a leading national provider of secure, compliant hybrid and multi-cloud Internet services, announced that it has invested and partnered with Fiber Internet Center, assuming part of its day to day operations.

Evocative’s initial minority investment in Fiber Internet Center will increase to an outright purchase of the company pending regulatory approval from the California Public Utilities Commission. The two companies will start working together to integrate their layer 1 – 3 network and services immediately to offer a seamless network, colocation, hosting and multi-cloud service solutions.

A Fiber Internet Center YouTube Channel is maintained where customers as well as IT professionals throughout the world can quickly learn solutions to complex Internet problems and situations. Such as, how selecting the wrong VOIP provider can make every local phone call a problematic long distance call.