Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Fast is Fiber?

Fiber data travels as light. Taking just 8 milliseconds for data to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 1000 milliseconds equals a second. You can't do that with T1s.

Q. Is Fiber Expensive to Install?

Not any more. A Fiber Internet Center quote will include installation and all the equipment for a Ethernet handoff. Other provider installs can cost as much as $20,000 or more plus the Equipment needed to interface to a DS3 or other connection. Watch those capital expense costs for unexpected interface equipment. If Fiber Internet Center cannot install the fiber for $2,500 or less you can cancel the contract. It's that simple.

Q. Are there other Fiber like services?

Watch our quick YouTube video that compares Cable, High Speed DSL and T1 technologies.

Beware, other services often quote you for an "Ethernet Service" or "Ethernet Access". There are plenty of services that bond T1s together to produce a copper calculated throughput of up to 10 megabits per second. Ask for fiber in writing. Be sure that you are not comparing apples to oranges. Only fiber you can expand to a full GigE or more. Only fiber is reliable during harsh weather days.

Q. How reliable is fiber?

A Fiber Internet Center is the most reliable connection available. It is the same reliable fiber service used between Phone Company Central Offices. T1 services are 50 years old ! When exposed to weather, even fog, they can drop packets. Do you still run your business on 50 year old technology?

Q. Will employee productivity increase?

The longer it takes an employee to complete a task, the more it costs the company. When fiber services break, very rare, special crews are called. Copper T1 services are exposed to and repaired by the same people that fix your grandma's telephone service. When more your employees have a fast network available, the more productive they are compared to your competitor's.

Q. How long does it take to install fiber?

In most cases it is 8 weeks. Fiber Internet Center's 8 years of experience helps cut through most of the PUC red tape. Install and start date of service can be coordinated to take place to when you're existing service ends. It's best not to be late, but to coordinate. You can order up to 6 months in advance of your need. It helps to prevent an unforeseen construction delay. You may have fiber in your building already. Click here to learn how to find and identify fiber in your building.

Q. Where can I learn more?

Our knowledge base in the network tools section has plenty of information. You can also explore our free MP3 podcasts and white papers. You can download them, we won't ask for your email address or require you to login. Each are just 10 mins or less. The white papers read well together with the audio. You can pass them around to your office co-workers and get them to salivate for a fiber connection.

Q. How does a GigE compare to DS3?

DS3s can only run up to 45 megabits per second. Fiber Internet Center's ethernet handoffs can expand to a full GigE. DS3s are also old telco topology with extra framing overhead . They are mileage based and require special routers to interface to your LAN. Most DS3 providers do not provide this equipment.