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Fiber for
BusinessWe employ the same Gigabit Fiber Pipe used by the Fortune 500.

Fiber for
HotelsWith more than 10 Years of service to large hotels, we understand guest Internet needs.

Fiber for
Clouds & DataCentersCloud access with remote application services need direct fiber connectivity.

Fiber for
ISPs and VOIPISPs and VOIP service providers leverage Fiber Internet Center as their own network.


Why Us For Your Business?

Fiber Internet Center has been providing carrier-grade fiber connectivity for businesses since 2001. We understand how important reliable, fast connectivity is for your business success. Fiber for business is all we do, and we do it well. We offer 100% fiber and back it up with professional support and a written Service Level Agreement.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other providers who often spread themselves too thin with webhosting, email services, DSL or T1 services, our focus is the fiber network. We don't market a consumer cable modem and call it business class. We are in the fiber business.

Our commitment to providing excellence in customer support enables you to focus on your business while we help manage your network connections. We proactively monitor your connection and provide local support. We do not operate a call center full of low-level message takers. Our trained support representatives access your account in seconds and get right into the circuit IDs and fiber service details. We commence technically expert support immediately.

At Fiber Internet Center you just don't just buy a circuit. Our service offering comes with support that provides you with peace of mind in knowing that our missions is to help you make your business successful.

Business Fiber Experts

Fiber Internet Center is only focused on the network 24/7. We are exclusively focused on delivering reliable, high-speed fiber Internet connectivity to your business.

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